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Please join us, Friday September 21, 7:30-9:30
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Under What Moon Phase Were You Born?

As astrologers we know that interpreting the Sun and Moon Signs is of major importance in chart analysis.  Equally significant is the phase relationship between the two Lights, new moon to full moon to balsamic moon. These phases define a  life time journey into greater consciousness.  Exploring the meaning of the  Lunar Eight Phase Cycle at birth and then the Lunation Cycle as it progresses through an individual life gives another piece of information for our journey. Examples will be used to help understand that journey of evolving consciousness.
For many years living in Connecticut as a licensed professional counselor and a Certified Counseling Astrologer, NCGR IV, ISAR C.A.P., Jacqueline Janes, MA  combined therapy and astrology, creating an active caseload of short and long term psychotherapy and astrological consultation. In 2015 Jacqueline moved to Pennsylvania where she now focuses on astrological consultation for one's life journey. She has an active national and international case load. Additionally, Jacqueline has lectured and taught astrological concepts and led workshops in spiritual development. She has written for OPA's Career Astrologer and contributed a chapter to OPA's book, The Professional Astrologer, Building a Successful Astrology Practice.
JOIN US ON OCTOBER 27  As we act out the chart of a mystery person
                                                                     10 Actors Needed!

You do not have to be an astrologer to participate in this presentation. Feel free to invite friends and family.
We will make a chart come alive by acting out the chart of a mystery person. This will be an interactive 3 act play. Descriptions of the planet and house placement you will play, will be given through email. Although research on your character (Planet) is advised especially if you would like to do some improvisation, (which is highly recommended). Actors (Planets) will be chosen on a first come basis. ACTORS please feel free to contact Jacqueline for any help.
This is an excellent way to learn how to navigate a horoscope.

SUN : The EGO of the chart
MOON : Instincts of the Person
MERCURY: How the subject communicates
VENUS: The Values of the subject
MARS: The drive of the subject
JUPITER: The Philosophy of the subject
SATURN: The Structures,limits and fears of the subject
URANUS: Connection to society
NEPTUNE: Creative, soul's connection to creation
PLUTO: How we learn about power

Description of your planet and its location

Planetary relationship (ASPECTS)


Please send your portfolio (email and desired planet to play) to
Please hold all guesses till the end of the play

**** Please note we must have 10 people to make this work. Additional actors could also play the ascendant and Midheaven if actors are abundant

NOTICE THIS IS SET FOR SATURDAY OCTOBER 27 and it will be held in the large room in the back of the church with the double doors.

QUESTIONS????????? Call Jacqueline 856-283-7026
or email
SATURDAY OCTOBER 27, 2018 2-4 pm