Our meetings are held  at
   201 Warwick Rd Magnolia NJ 08049
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  JOIN US AS WE SAY GOODBYE TO                             2018
Astrology lovers are gathering on Dec 29
Join us for a festive gathering to help unwind from the holiday madness. There will be plenty of fun activities to choose from, including a pollyanna gift exchange, astro dice, Astrodrama, astro charades, tarot cards, plus any other fun activity you can think of or would like to bring! You can also just come hang out, munch, sip, and chit-chat if you’re not in the mood for games. Our goal is to create a fun holiday inspired event where we can all enjoy the company of our spirited astro community.

Here is what you’ll need to do and bring. First, RSVP by December 20th with your email address. Once we have a final headcount, we will contact you with details and logistics, including the address and a potluck sign up sheet with a list of food/beverages. Once you select the potluck item you will bring, you can let us all know in the email thread, so we can be sure there will be an ample spread of food and beverages for everyone. If you would like to participate in the pollyanna gift exchange, then please bring a gift-wrapped item within the price range of $10 - $15. An astrology themed present is preferred but not mandatory. Feel free to bring any other games/supplies that you’re inspired to bring as well. The moon will be transiting Libra and forming a sextile to Jupiter...the good time feels will be aligning, and we are all in for a special treat you won’t want to miss.
    Contact us to confirm at
           Questions call Jacqueline 856-283-7026
Remember no meeting in December
Here's wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!