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Please join on as we examine Uranus in Taurus
Friday February 21 2020 7:30-9:30
Uranus in Taurus: The 'Nature" of the Beast
Join us for an interactive exploration of Uranus and Taurus, appropriate for all levels of Astrological acumen. Paul will provide dates for Uranus in Taurus in the 1930's and for the current transit. We'll explore the meaning of each archetypal energy and use our astrological skills and imagination to put them together. We'll also dig into the mythological tale of Ouranos, the sky, and Gaia, the Earth and take an in-depth look at the themes of "UranusTaurus"- thing like innovation, resources, disruption, traditions, and the connection (or disconnect) between our society and the planet it lives on. There will be several chart examples to illustrate the various themes and we might also have time to look at the charts of attendees with respect to their Uranus transit.


      Paul began learning about astrology in the 1990s, when I sought direction in post-college life from a mail order ACS chart interpretation, a personal reading, and Steven Arroyo’s Chart Interpretation Handbook. None of these things brought the instant success or well-being he had yearned for, but they gave him something cool to learn. Eventually, he went on to grad school and then took a full-time teaching position at a university in Michigan. After a year, the position was cut, and he began studying astrology in earnest. That was 2007, when he also moved back east. In 2008 he began teaching astrology to older adults, knowing little more than some of my students. He went to my first conference in 2009 and began attending events at two metaphysical stores in eastern Pennsylvania. These gatherings brought his first astrology friends. When someone told him that a group was forming in Philadelphia, he committed to getting involved. In 2013, they elected him Vice President. When the group changed leadership in 2015, he became much more involved. He created a meetup group, organized a board retreat and got our group’s first two workshops off the ground. In 2017, Sam Reynolds asked him to create a Lilith class. He presented it online and then as a lecture at Philadelphia NCGR and Cosmic Astrology. In 2019, he finished assembling material for a lecture on the Uranus transit of Taurus and its implications for our society’s connection to, and disconnect from, the planet we live on. He presented it to the Philadelphia group in July and now to the Cosmic Astrology group in a different form, in 2020. In the summer of 2019, he left the board of the Philadelphia group and became a member of the Baltimore Astrological Society, where he will present a workshop in March, on the topic of Lilith.