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Here's wishing you a HAPPY 2019 !
    Join us on January 25 as we preview the                               energy's of 2019
A Presentation
By Jacqueline Pentek
Join us on February 15 as we welcome back Joanne Castro
Speaking on Heliacal Risings
One simple event is the starting point for so many developments in our evolution.  The Egyptians used the helical rising of Sirius, the dog star to mark the summer solstice and mark the beginning of their calendar year. 
Many other countries used the heliacal rising  and culminaton of the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus to mark events in the world.  In North America the Kiowa Tribe and the Navaho created mythology and timing of events.  Aztec and Mayan calendars were based on the culmination of the Pleiades.  The Maori of New Zealand used the rising to begin their calendar. 
Joanne Castro, a professional astrologer from New Jersey, consults, lectures, teaches and writes. Her degrees include a BA in Art with a minor in Psychology and an MFA in painting. Her studies of human behavior led to the study of astrology. She is also President of the NNJ NCGR Chapter and recipient of the NCGR's Sisyphus Award.
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