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Friday April 20, 7:30-9:30
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Game-changing events in people's lives often divert their trajectory into new territory or into parts unknown. Using examples from the charts of famous, and not so famous people, we'll see how transits, progressions, solar arcs and eclipses illustrate the incidents that transform, radicalize, and ultimately thrust individuals into new circumstances that revolutionize their destiny.

                                         About Jackie Slevin

Jackie Slevin began her studies of astrology at age nine after finding her mother’s astrology texts from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London on the living room coffee table. She is the Dean of this online Astrology school, The University of Geocosmic Studies, and past NCGR Co-Director of Education. A full time astrologer, teacher and writer, she has lectured internationally, including UAC 1995 and 2002. She is currently VP of NNJ NCGR. Her articles have appeared in the Llewelyn Sun Sign and Moon Sign books, the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, Realta, the Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

She is the author of “Finding Success in the Horoscope: The Slevin System of Horoscope Analysis by Jackie Slevin” ISBN: 9780892541416 May 2008.
                       AUTHOR UGS LEVEL I COURSE

             Join us on May 18  as we talk about Retrogrades
Jackie Slevin
Join us on April 20  as we talk about Transits, Progressions and                                                                 Solar Arcs.
                                           Topic: Retrograde Planets

Moving backwards...what can you say about retrograde planets? When you find them in your natal chart, you feel as if there is more than meets the eye. When you hear that the planets are going to go retrograde at a certain time, you wonder how this will impact your daily life. Do you stop? Or do you take more time to learn about that aspect of your life? Learn the meanings of retrograde planets in your natal chart and the meanings of retrograde transits and their impact on your life. And...there's Mars. It goes retrograde this year, an event that occurs every two years. Find out more.

                                      Speaker: Misty Kuceris

Misty Kuceris, Certified Astrological Professional, works with individuals seeking to balance their professional and personal needs with their spiritual core values. She also works with business owners developing marketing and strategic plans incorporating astrological cycles. In addition to her consulting business, over the last 40 years, Misty has lectured internationally, taught both local and on-line classes, and authored several books. She is co-founder of NOVA Astrology Group and author of Pathways magazine astrological column. She write a monthly astrological column on her website: and can be reached at

Misty Kuceris